A little about me and my background:

I was one of those kids that took apart everything I owned.  As I got older I started to put those things back together.  As I got even older I put them back together without any missing pieces.

I’m a tinkerer.  Anything that can be done by hand, I’m all over it.  As long as it’s reasonable, I’ll give it a shot.  This attitude has led me to develop abilities in many areas that seem to weave together into some really fun projects.
I got my start in actually doing worthwhile tinkering with building computers.  This led me to a job at the Geek Squad while in college in Denver, CO.  There I honed my skills of taking things apart and putting them back together and pushing the limits of what can be fixed with a very limited toolset.   I was one of the rare bench-techs that would take your laptop apart in front of you trying to search out a quick fix for a problem before shipping it off to a faceless repair center.
I love to fix broken things.  I can’t stand throwing anything away until it’s in a hundred pieces and I know I’ve exhausted all avenues of repair.  I fix TVs, vehicles, microwaves, air conditioners… you name it, basically.  I’ve recently been amused at repairing dead laptops by baking the motherboards in the oven.  It sounds crazy, but I’ve done it, it works.
I’ve started branching out into projects that don’t involve ready-made products.  I’m not quite to the point that I can create my own inventions just yet, but that’s something I hope to work on after I get this 3D printer going.  Having the means to quickly build parts and try new things will hopefully open new pathways for me to create.  I’m really excited about this possibility.

During the week days I’m a motion graphics artist at the local CBS affiliate and independent station, KOLR10 and KOZL.  I use 3D elements for my animations all the time and really feel like having the ability to bring the things I design in 3D into the physical world is really exciting.

My hope, with making this site, is to help along anyone else, be them young or old, that’s just getting into the world or repair or fabrication.  I’m stumbling my way around right now and I feel like if I document my steps and thought processes, maybe it will help someone else get to where they’re going a little quicker.

Thanks for dropping by!

And don’t forget to have fun.

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