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Slow Progress but Progress Nonetheless.

So while I’m waiting for access to another 3D printer to create my own I’ve been trying to find things I can accomplish on my own.  Part of me doesn’t want to build too much so I’ll have stuff to

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Start by turning the power on…

One of the parts of the build I’ve actually gotten to start working with a little is the power supply. For my build, I’m not planning on using a heated bed.  This will currently limit me to printing with only

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What I’m trying to accomplish here…

The purpose of this blog is to hopefully help anyone afraid of attempting to build something like this overcome their trepidation.  So, as I go along my journey, I plan to document every little step as much as possible.  One thing

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This Marks the Start.

So.  A little group of items gathered in a pile in my floor. By themselves, they all hold little value or use, but they all have great potential. These are all of the pieces I’ve collected so far on my

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